An Oklahoma Storm Brewing!


August in OklahomaOklahoma, always a warm experience, is getting a bit hotter lately. Town Hall meetings hosted by Congressional members are being packed with standing room only crowds angry about the Washington D.C. mess and asking their congressmen to do something as well as asking what they can do.

Christina and I followed Congressman Lucas around SW Oklahoma on August 6th to distribute flyers to the crowd, ask questions, and to listen to the crowds. One of Lucas’s most memorable quotes was this:

” My cohorts came back from the July break “berserk” over this Tea Party business, but it is a spontaneous, legitimate, outpouring from the citizens trying to communicate and get across to the Federal government their displeasure with the way things are going.”

At all four of the meetings, Lucas brought up the Tea Party movement repeatedly, mentioning that many of his colleagues came back from the July break with “scorched” tail feathers, he said they were still “smoldering” when they got back to D.C., and that if his crowds were any indication, his colleagues would come back this time with no tail feathers.  Lucas reported that despite the claims of “manufactured” crowds, the people he spoke with were political newcomers, just plain old real people disgusted with the way the country was headed.


There were lots of  questions about some of the emails going around, yet Lucas reported that this time the truth was a bit stranger than fiction.  Events that brought in a handful of constituents last year brought ten times more this year, enough that Lucas said his staff would find larger halls for the upcoming Town Halls.

I had never met Lucas, nor heard him speak.  After four repetitions of his spiel, I could probably give the speech for him, but his message was quite specific and quite clear, he is on our side.  It likely helped that he didn’t vote for the initial bailout during Bush’s term, but he came across as a man of integrity.  Lucas also publicly agreed to meet with our group when we show up next month in D.C.

-Al Gerhart

We’ll be at the gun show Aug. 15 – 16 at the Made In Oklahoma Building at the state fairgrounds.  We have “Angry Mob” shirts available in exchange for a donation. Click here for a $2 discount and for more information.


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  1. oklahomawatchdog Says:

    Great post, Al. Attended a Tom Cole event in Moore yesterday and reported on it here and at Folks are angry.

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