My Favorite part of the Recess Rally!

freedom of speech at work!

Freedom of speech at work! (Image from NewsOK & links to their story.)

Being at one of these events is always exciting to me.  It makes me feel good!  I love the patriotic music , helping set up and walking around the Capitol grounds meeting people.  But my favorite part today was when I noticed a man standing with a sign that said “It’s just an option”  – referring to Obamacare- that it is not, in this man’s opinion- forced as we were saying.  He was about the only dissent in the group.  Several people went up to him and were forcefully stating their opinion back.  After awhile they seperated and the man was still there with his sign – which in my view was a lie.  But you know what, it was that man’s right to be there and express his thoughts just like it was our right.  Several of our speakers reminded us of that, too.  Tony, from the UK said he did not even realize the rights he did not have in the UK, until he came to the USA and experienced these freedoms.   Cindy, the veteran, reminded us we have been incrementally losing our freedoms for years.  Stuart, another veteran, also said if we do not  understand our rights and exercise them, we will lose them forever.  Then another man in the crowd today exercised his right of free speech.  He went to the sign- in table and got a magic marker and poster and made a new sign.  He took his sign and went and stood by the first man.  And the new sign said” It won’t be an option for long!”   That is what  the USA is all about, opposing views standing beside each other exercising the right of free speech! We must continue to exercise our Constitutional rights or lose them forever!


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