How Far Will You Go?


Join the Sooner Tea Party as we March on D.C. September 10th, 11th, and 12th

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Join us in a massive protest march on Saturday, the 12th of September, in our nation’s capitol. There are dozens of patriot groups from around the nation joining forces to funnel our frustration into direct action. You think the politicians pay attention when we write or call them? Wait till a million taxpayers march up to the steps of the capitol and demand that this mess be cleaned up!

How to get there:

Charter buses are being organized, the cost will be around $240 per seat, take an extra $100 for food/drink or motel should the schedule allow stopping. Possible departures would be early Friday morning (11th) for a non stop drive (breaks and food stops of course) or Thursday night (10th) departure with a motel stop several hours outside Washington D.C. on Friday night. The buses will return late Sunday night. The buses are luxurious, they have reclining seats for sleeping, there is a rest room and a kitchenette on board most buses. The buses are just now being organized, with a deadline of September 1rst. Only full or nearly full buses will be contracted. Contact

Car pools, there are many citizens driving their cars loaded with friends and families. Estimated costs would be between $120 and $150 per adult person depending upon gas mileage, motel stops, and eating expense. Figure about 21 hours driving time one way, around 100 to 150 gallons of gas round trip, so if drivers were switched, an early Friday morning departure will get you there in time for the March. The cars will be organized into convoys for mutual aid, decorate your car with signs, honk at supporters that will line the roads in support, and make a parade out of this trip! The local patriot groups will turn out the news media along the way, showing a mass of citizens streaming toward D.C. will bring even more patriotic citizens to shame our leaders into action. Contact

Airline tickets are running around $250 and up for a round trip fare, although they will get more expensive the closer to the event. There are no overnight flights, so a motel in the D.C area is a must.


Inexpensive motels start at $75 per room, up to four people per room, but the lower price D.C. area motels are not for the faint at heart, so stay in large groups. The entire city will be packed with patriots though, so help is just a shout away. Many of the nearby hotels are sold out already, but there are plenty within 10 to 15 miles from the capitol. We plan on staying about 10 miles out, parking the rental car for the weekend (there will be heavy traffic) and using the D.C. Metro (buses and trains) to travel inner city.


On Saturday morning, Oklahomans will rally at a yet to be determined rally point, then march behind an Oklahoman flag to one of the four columns of patriots converging on Capitol Hill. Those Oklahomans who arrive earlier in the week can help us rally at our Congressional offices to make sure our Congressmen and women understand just how strong our convictions are.

Fellow Oklahomans, all of us are troubled at the insanity that we have allowed at the Federal level, all of us are worried about the future. We are troubled in part because most of us have not earned our freedom. We know that what is not earned is easily taken away. We must pay the price of freedom, we must seize our freedom back from those who have stolen it bit by bit. We also know there are valid reasons to worry.

Will our dollar collapse with the insane spending policies of Barack Hussein Obama?

Will our children’s and grand children’s future taxes continue to be spent supporting the unions, Acorn, and the liberal agenda?

Will the madman continue his grab for power over our most personal of needs, our health care?

Will he “save” Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare by the denial of life saving medicine and procedures?

Will his “Doctor Death” advisers implement population control here in our land?

Will we stand by why our religious leaders are prosecuted for “hate speech” for their views?

Will our second amendment rights be taken in the dead of night by one of his executive orders?

Will we continue to allow union thugs and black panthers to intimidate us at the town halls and polling places?

Will we wake up one morning beholden to foreign courts, have our valiant soldiers prosecuted for war crimes after a battle with terrorists?

Will our small American farmer be legislated out of existence?

Will our industrial base be driven out of existence by regulation and cap and trade taxes?

Will we still have an energy sector in our economy or will our oil and gas companies be destroyed with regulation and taxes?

We must stop Barack Hussein Obama before he completely destroys the very fabric of this country, ensure that Congress, the Supreme Court, and the national media understands that they have awakened a sleeping giant, that patriotic Americans may have been the silent majority, but that we are silent no more. I know that times are hard, that traveling to D.C. is going to be a hardship, but we must not allow this country to take a single step backward into the socialist morass. Stand up, Oklahomans, stand up for the generations to come, stand up for yourself.

Please join us on September 10th, 11th, and 12th as we begin to take back our country.

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