Coburn Controversial?


My report on the townhall meeting with Coburn generated a couple of criticisms of him.

All heat and no light, The Reid Report torches some straw men, throws around ad hominem attacks like they’re going out of style (we can only dream), avoids the real issues (cost, role of government, process), accuses Republicans of lack of compassion and not knowing the Bible (all the while calling me a “teabagger” — how Jesus-like!), and finally posts a CNN video from a different townhall meeting I did not attend and then accuses me of not finding that scene worth reporting.

I replied in his/her comments:

The offer to meet with a constituent individually is hardly the same as a government bureaucracy assisting her, or not, based on a labyrinth of byzantine rules.  But whatever.

Sanchez also claims that Coburn is against reform, which is either dishonest or ignorant.  Coburn has proposed a healthcare reform bill and has stated repeatedly that reform is needed.  What is at issue is not whether reform is needed, but rather what kind of reform.

More to the point of your post, it seems I am not as familiar with the Bible as you left-wing theocrats.  Maybe you could show me where Matthew endorses using government to coerce people to give to the needy?  Last I heard, all of the charitable acts and property-sharing of the early church were voluntary, not enforced by armed men and the threat of prison under a government tax-collection agency, but apparently I’m wrong.  Your skillful exegesis of the scriptures is eagerly awaited.  (It would also help me to understand leftist theology if you could point out where Jesus used childish sexual innuendo to refer to his opponents.)

Finally, if you had checked the posting date for the video you embedded, you’d notice it was posted before the town hall meeting I covered, which would pretty much be the reason I didn’t mention the crying woman.

Also playing, David Roberts, a regular contributor at Grist, posts a brief quote from my report under the title Sen. Tom Coburn has scientific document reading training.  Listed under the tags climate change skepticism, dumbassery, notable quotable, and Tom Coburn, one assumes the point of the post was to mock Coburn for his assumed lack of training in reading such documents.  The entire post, which is so short I must quote it in its entirety, was:

“I am not the smartest man in the world, but I have been trained to read scientific documents, and [climate change] is malarkey.”

—Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), who also explained why Jesus would oppose a public option in health care reform

Helpful as I sometimes am, I noted in the comments there that Coburn, one, is a medical doctor who was indeed trained to read scientific documents, and two, that he did not say climate change was malarkey, but rather the science purporting to show it was manmade.  Much to his credit, Mr. Roberts made the correction in short order, changing his edit to [anthropogenic climate change].  That is integrity, and I very much appreciate it.  He posts more from another blogger in the comments after that, and it is worth reading and thinking about.


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