First Sooner Tea Party General Membership Meeting October 11th



The Sooner Tea Party will have its first open meeting for the general public on October 11th, at 3:00 pm.

Due to the short notice, the meeting will be held at my shop, The Carpenter Shop, 358 North Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, OK, 73127. When you get to that address, drive behind the smaller green metal buildings to where the large concrete buildings are, the ones with the truck docks running across the front. If you get lost in the parking lot, call 405-412-6233 for assistance.

We will go over what we have been doing since we organized, the July 4th Tea party, the August 22nd Health Care Rally, the March on D.C., and upcoming events and projects. The Legislature will restart early next year, and we all need to be ready to help push through the needed legislation to make Oklahoma a bastion of freedom and prosperity.

We are also hosting a statewide meeting for leaders of the other patriot groups on the 10th. It is time that all the groups started working to push through needed projects and began to share information and resources. We will have a report on the progress for the Sunday meeting.

So we would love to see you at the Sunday meeting, share some information with you and get you active in our group if you have the time to participate. Don’t expect a lot at this first meeting, we just want to say hi and tell you about what is going on. Bring a folding chair if you have one, or a lawn chair. If the weather is pretty, we will meet outside, or inside if the weather isn’t cooperating.

See you there,

Al Gerhart


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2 Responses to “First Sooner Tea Party General Membership Meeting October 11th”

  1. Galen & Gail Shepherd Says:

    Regret that we can’t attend. We will be out of town on Sunday.
    Others may be able to attend. We will give them a copy of this
    Please keep us posted on what is happening.
    Galen & Gail S.

  2. ray & samie elliott Says:

    Sorry we’re unable to attend.
    Please keep us informed on what is happening.

    Ray & Samie E.

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