Counterprotest at Coburn’s OKC Office

I'm tired of waiting for the nuts to drop, it is Acorn time...

I'm tired of waiting for the nuts to drop, it is Acorn time... ( or is it ogre?) is attempting to set up a protest at Senator Coburn’s Oklahoma City office on October 14th. This is part of a national effort to pressure congressmen to support Obama Care. They are sending out emails asking people to sign up to host a protest, offering to line up speakers, provide handouts, even signs for those willing to be their puppet.

Quite amazing that the Democrats rail about “astro turf” all the while they are the experts and busing people in and propping them up with a pre printed sign in their hands.

If you want to participate, we have pulled a permit so we can use a sound system, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, so we can pre empt any protest. The idea is to get there early, stake out the best area, and if they do show, drown them out with a sound system. : ) We will need a few people to man the show and call in re inforcements if needed, so that most of us can go about our work till the nutty ones show up.

We can put out the word at the Sunday meeting and hopefully get plenty of people there. Coburn isn’t wavering, the idea is to show the liberals how hopeless it is to show up in Oklahoma. Plus we will get some media attention to drive more members into our group. The 912ers are offering to help out man the barricades if we pulled the permit so we ought to have a rowdy crowd to gather up the rotten Acorns.

So get a lawn chair ready, sign up for all day or part, it is squirrell time!


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6 Responses to “ Counterprotest at Coburn’s OKC Office”

  1. Thomas Secant Says:

    Why wouldn’t Sen Coburn vote to defund ACORN? He co-sponsored the bill – why wouldn’t he vote for it?

  2. Phil Says:

    Thus is great. I just talked to one of their volunteers and there expecting a huge crowd. We better get there early and outnumber them!

  3. Phil Says:

    Should we come armed? Might be a good visual display against the socialists. Show em we mean business? What do you think? I’ll bring my holstered 45 if this is what we decide.

  4. Thomas Secant Says:

    Where was Sen. Coburn while Sen. Inhofe was voting to defund ACORN? What was more important than doing the job he was elected for?

  5. tom279 Says:

    TS: You could go find out and tell us. That would be useful.

    Phil: Open carry isn’t legal in Oklahoma, so no, it’s not a good idea. Also, in states where it is, I don’t really think it’s useful to bring weapons to protests / demonstrations. It gives the media something to focus on besides the message, so they do.

  6. Al Gerhart Says:

    One of these days this might have to change, god forbid, but anyone that brings open carried weapons to one of our events is going to find themselves a pariah.

    I’m sure you mean well Phil, but this is not a good idea at all.


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