Statewide Meeting of Patriot Groups October 10th



There will be a statewide meeting of patriot groups on October 10th here in Oklahoma City. We are asking each group or chapter of each group (their digression depending on how rigid their organizational structure is) to send a maximum of three people, one of which is the designated spokesperson for the event. The idea is to have a large meeting of the groups and still be able to cover the important points quickly.

Sooner Tea Party is the organizer of the event. OCPAC, OKSAFE, Oklahoma Patriots for America, the various 9/12 groups,JBS, Fair Tax, OKfortea,and others have signed on already. We are just now starting to contact the other groups.

The idea is to find out who is out there, their rough numbers, and find where we can cooperate. The initial meeting will not take any action besides throwing out some ideas that we might be able to all agree upon. We want the three members or leaders of each group to take the information back to their groups, gain consensus, then return with a yeah or a nay.

Here are a few ideas that have been put forward that we might all support:

An Oklahoma Constitutional amendment to place term limits on our Federal representatives.

Push a tougher 10th Amendment resolution through past the governors veto or write and pass a new bill with some teeth. We may have to pursue two tracks, the legislation route, and a putting a petition for a popular vote to ensure it happens. Having a petition drive might make the leaders run out in front of the topic to sign on.

Helping conservative Republicans retake control of the Republican party, starting at the precinct level, then capturing the chair of the committees from the lowest level to the top. We would need 5 to 10 thousand patriots to register as republicans and to take the time to make four meetings so as to enable them to vote in the critical elections to chose the chairs and the committees.

The same could be done for the Democrats if we had enough people.

Bringing in Sheriff Mack to speak to Oklahoma Sheriffs and to the public.

I would ask if your group would attend and send some ideas along with your representatives.

Consider this as a pre meeting, there will need to be another late October or early November meeting for those that are wanting to participate. Then a final action meeting will coincide with a statewide convention at the Oklahoma City State Fairgrounds in mid January, the 15th and 16th. One day will be devoted to the groups setting goals and areas of responsibility, the other day will be open to the public with booths, speakers, and events aimed toward growing every group’s roster of volunteers. We can get some seminars set up for lobbying training, fund raising fundamentals for groups, all sorts of valuable education.

The entire thrust of this effort is two fold, to support the smaller groups and increase their strength, and to get everyone to get behind three or four common projects that move the ball further down the field.

The meeting will be held at my shop, The Carpenter Shop, 358 North Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, OK, 73127. The address is an industrial park, drive in behind the smaller green metal buildings to the large concrete buildings with the truck dock front. Call 405-412-6233 if you get lost.

For more information, contact Al Gerhart, Sooner Tea Party,


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  1. John Neitz Says:

    Chair and Public Relations of the 9.12 Candidates Convention Foundation. Would like to attend.

    This is John Neitz from the bus trip to D.C.

    Please send times so we can make plans

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