Fabric designed by Vivienne Tam

Fabric designed by Vivienne Tam

Walking up to this furniture  showroom at the High Point Furniture Market,  I was aghast and disappointed at their featured piece.  Why was it they were featuring Chairman Mao?  He was the worst mass murderer of the 20th century.  Over 30 million Chinese perished in a grain shortage brought on by insanely irresponsible dictates of Chairman Mao.  Another 30 million were estimated to have died in prisons and labor camps during Chairman Mao’s rule.  There are documented cases of hunger so intense as to cause inmates to eat human flesh. (Source: “Women from Shanghai” by Xainhui Yang)

 The fabric and furniture designer, Vivienne Tam, called Mao a “fashion czar” because he forced everyone in the country, over 1 billion people, to wear the shapeless, drab-colored “Mao-Suit”.  I do not understand Ms. Tam’s fascination with Chairman Mao; her own family fled China to escape Mao’s rule.  I doubt this furniture company would have considered featuring a fabric with Hitler on it.  This would have been  just as hideous!

This acceptance and even honor of such appalling and heinous crimes is most disturbing.  We read in the news how our government leaders revere Chairman Mao.  But do they really know:

1. Mao became a Communist at the age of 27 for purely pragmatic reasons: a job and income from the Russians.

2. After he conquered China, Mao’s over-riding goal was to become a superpower and dominate the world: “Control the Earth,” as he put it.

3. Mao caused the greatest famine in history by exporting food to Russia to buy nuclear and arms industries: 38 million people were starved and slave-driven to death in 1958-61. Mao knew exactly what was happening, saying: “half of China may well have to die.” (Mao, The Unknown Story)

Anything sound familiar?  So that   history does not repeat itself we must continually learn the lessons of history.  Pass it on.


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