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Ken Miller Lied

August 1, 2010

Habitual Liar?  Ken, come by my shop and I'll shorten that nose for you.

Politics is expected to be less honest than most lines of work, people will fluff up their qualifications a bit. But when one sees an example of bald face lying to gain an office, something must be done to expose the dishonesty.

It is really quite simple. Ken Miller claimed in his campaign ads, literature, and website that he never voted for a tax increase while at the legislature. He even got J C Watts to lie for him in a commercial, or Miller lied to Watts.

The reality is that Ken Miller authored many tax increases and voted for them constantly as they wound their way through the legislative process. At the final vote, he would transfer the bill to another loyal legislator after securing more than enough votes to pass it, then vote against the tax increse. Or on occasions, he was allowed to “walk the vote”, leave the House chamber so that he wasn’t required to vote. On a regular vote, a walked vote is considered a “no” but on procedural votes, the rules can be different.

We did around 160,000 robo calls two days before the election exposing Ken Miller, yet he still won by around 20% of the vote, outspending his opponent, a good and decent man.

Why is this so important? The Treasurers office is used to reward the big campaign contributors with sweetheart banking deals awarded with no bidding. Plus tax credits are handed out like candy to the big donors, tax credits that can be sold for 85 cents on the dollar. One deal alone in Altus netted the investors over $25,000,000 in cash after the tax credits were sold with not a single job created or a single product built! The citizens of Oklahoma simply can not afford to have a dishonest person running that office. Add a potential Republican Auditor, a Republican House and Senate, and possibly a Republican Governor, and you have a receipe for massive corruption.

So we launched

Please copy the link and spread it all over the internet in poltical forums, anywhere Google can pick it up. We want it to be the first thing people find when they Google Ken Miller. Please donate to the Oklahoma Tea Party PAC who is funding the Ken Miller exposure. Use Paypal and send the money to