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Oklahoma graduation and retention rates among lowest in the nation

October 5, 2009


Six years after beginning college, only 44.1 percent of Oklahoma college students attain bachelor’s degrees at the institutions where they started.

Nother choice snippet:

Oklahoma’s boldest initiative in that area is Oklahoma’s Promise program, formerly known as the Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program (OHLAP). It’s a program that calls for the state to pick up the tuition costs of students in families that earn $50,000 or less, as long as students fulfill a promise to take college preparatory classes, stay out of trouble and maintain high school grade point averages of at least 2.5.

Gee – a 2.5, and they get free tuition on our dime? How stupid is Glen Johnson? Rewarding mediocre performance in mediocre Oklahoma high schools is not a recipe for success. It sends the message that “just skate by on ‘okay’ and someone else will pay.” How the hell hard is it to make a 2.5 in already dumbed-down schools if you crack the books once in a while? And how much is it costing Oklahomans to fund this “excellence in mediocrity” tripe? No wonder the grad rate is in the pits – we have a “scholarship” program that floods our colleges with kids who are not invested (see the word I chose) in their own futures.

How about we toughen up our high school achievement standards and then give scholarships to kids who make the best grades, who have worked hard and hence shown the highest propensity to continue to do so? Hard workers create wealth, thrive under adversity, and return to society tenfold the few dollars invested in them. So raise the bar and give out fewer, more selective merit scholarships. Oh and subsidize the first few out of Glen Johnson’s salary. He could stand to lose a few chins.

Health Care Flier Sources

August 13, 2009

One STP flier on why Obama’s health insurance reform proposal should fail:


The statistics on fiscal year 2008 US spending, debt, debt repayment, etc., are from a US Treasury Dept press release dated October 14, 2008. (The fiscal year runs from October through September.)

The graph below, used to show entitlement spending projections, is from the Government Accountability Office’s Citizen’s Guide to the 2008 Financial Report of the United States Government, which is a PDF file. The graph is on page 7.

GAO chart on entitlement spending

GAO chart on entitlement spending

The cost estimates are from the CBO’s latest estimate on July 17.