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General Pulaski Smiles

September 12, 2009
Brigadier General Casimir Pulaski, Continental Army

Brigadier General Casimir Pulaski, Continental Army

(Why this photo?)

The March Begins

The March Begins

Post-march Media Roundup

September 12, 2009

Just a quick run-through here.  All of these links have differing descriptions and good photos.

Mark Hemingway at National Review Online:

Another interesting detail about the march — it was filled with immigrants. I’m pretty sure every Cuban in a thousand mile radius was there, helpfully explaining to everyone who would listen that Cuba’s vaunted free health care system involves shoddily trained doctors and bringing your own linen to the hospital. I also spoke to angry immigrants from England and Ireland, appalled the country was slouching toward socialized medicine.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about the crowd was how friendly and civil it was. It was also a fun crowd — to the well endowed redhead in the “Boobs Czar” T-shirt, I doff my cap to you m’lady.

The Hill

ABC News

Americans For Prosperity


The Daily Mail


More to follow, including our own reports.

Update: Matt Welch at Reason reports (h/t Instapundit):

I just came back from spending four-plus hours with the Don’t-Tread-On-Me crowd at our nation’s capitol. Expect a full report later, but my snap impressions:

* Big crowd. Do not believe any description that says “thousands.” If there weren’t at least a healthy six figures there, I will permanently revoke my head-counting license.

* Nineteen out of 20 signs were hand-made. …

* Of the people I ended up talking to, the general vibe was that they were conservative, and then either Republican, formerly Republican, or independent. Every single one had unkind words to say about George W. Bush’s spending and governing record, though none had protested him. None expressed trust in Republicans, and most preferred a “throw-all-the-bums-out” strategy. All but one did not care about Obama’s birth certificate controversy, and those I asked thought it was foolish to bring guns to political gatherings.

Sooner Tea Party in DC for 9/11

September 11, 2009
Brigadier General Casamir Pulaski

Brigadier General Casamir Pulaski, Freedom Plaza

Born into a noble family in Poland, Casamir Pulaski was so inspired by the American struggle for liberty that he immigrated and joined the Continental Army in 1777.  An experienced cavalry officer who had fought the Russians for Polish liberty, during his short career he was appointed Brigadier General and eventually put in command of all American cavalry forces.  He led his troops in a number of battles before being mortally wounded in combat at Savannah, Georgia, in 1779.

A number of STP members spent a great day in our nation’s capitol.  Al, Christina and I took most of the morning and early afternoon to attend a grassroots organizing seminar put on by Viguerie Marketing Institute.  There was a lot of good information, and Richard Viguerie was inspiring to hear.  Ben Hart and Diana Banister also spoke about key aspects of grassroots activism.  We learned a lot and will be bringing that knowledge back to the STP.

Al asks a question of the panel.

Al asks a question of the panel.

Then it was off to visit Congressional offices with Ethel, a fellow Tea Partier here from Massachusetts.  Al and Christina had visited the Oklahoma offices yesterday, so today we went by Joe Wilson’s to offer some encouragement, and then to Olympia Snowe’s, to tell her representatives that we hoped she would vote against Obamacare.

Later we met up with a number of other STP members for dinner.  Afterward, group of us went to the front gate of Walter Reed Army Medical Center to participate in the demonstration to show support for our wounded veterans.  My guesstimate is 150-200 showed up for it (Update: Al thinks more like 500), many carrying flags and signs of support for our troops.  Drivers passing by honked and waved.  This ongoing rally is a response to anti-war demonstrators who used to protest at the front gate of the hospital.  About 20 anti-war demonstrators had their own rally some distance away.

After that we drove back to our hotel, but even then couldn’t get away from the Tea Party — there were two busloads of patriots from the Great State of Indiana at the hotel!  There’s a lot of pretty excited Americans here tonight.

Tomorrow’s the big march!  We’ll be up early to meet our busload of spirited fellow protesters from Oklahoma and then rally with fellow patriots from around the country at Freedom Plaza.  From there, the spirit of General Pulaski will set us off on our march to restore the freedoms he and many others died for.

How Far Will You Go?

August 26, 2009

Join the Sooner Tea Party as we March on D.C. September 10th, 11th, and 12th

For more info, email

Join us in a massive protest march on Saturday, the 12th of September, in our nation’s capitol. There are dozens of patriot groups from around the nation joining forces to funnel our frustration into direct action. You think the politicians pay attention when we write or call them? Wait till a million taxpayers march up to the steps of the capitol and demand that this mess be cleaned up!

How to get there:

Charter buses are being organized, the cost will be around $240 per seat, take an extra $100 for food/drink or motel should the schedule allow stopping. Possible departures would be early Friday morning (11th) for a non stop drive (breaks and food stops of course) or Thursday night (10th) departure with a motel stop several hours outside Washington D.C. on Friday night. The buses will return late Sunday night. The buses are luxurious, they have reclining seats for sleeping, there is a rest room and a kitchenette on board most buses. The buses are just now being organized, with a deadline of September 1rst. Only full or nearly full buses will be contracted. Contact

Car pools, there are many citizens driving their cars loaded with friends and families. Estimated costs would be between $120 and $150 per adult person depending upon gas mileage, motel stops, and eating expense. Figure about 21 hours driving time one way, around 100 to 150 gallons of gas round trip, so if drivers were switched, an early Friday morning departure will get you there in time for the March. The cars will be organized into convoys for mutual aid, decorate your car with signs, honk at supporters that will line the roads in support, and make a parade out of this trip! The local patriot groups will turn out the news media along the way, showing a mass of citizens streaming toward D.C. will bring even more patriotic citizens to shame our leaders into action. Contact

Airline tickets are running around $250 and up for a round trip fare, although they will get more expensive the closer to the event. There are no overnight flights, so a motel in the D.C area is a must.


Inexpensive motels start at $75 per room, up to four people per room, but the lower price D.C. area motels are not for the faint at heart, so stay in large groups. The entire city will be packed with patriots though, so help is just a shout away. Many of the nearby hotels are sold out already, but there are plenty within 10 to 15 miles from the capitol. We plan on staying about 10 miles out, parking the rental car for the weekend (there will be heavy traffic) and using the D.C. Metro (buses and trains) to travel inner city.


On Saturday morning, Oklahomans will rally at a yet to be determined rally point, then march behind an Oklahoman flag to one of the four columns of patriots converging on Capitol Hill. Those Oklahomans who arrive earlier in the week can help us rally at our Congressional offices to make sure our Congressmen and women understand just how strong our convictions are.

Fellow Oklahomans, all of us are troubled at the insanity that we have allowed at the Federal level, all of us are worried about the future. We are troubled in part because most of us have not earned our freedom. We know that what is not earned is easily taken away. We must pay the price of freedom, we must seize our freedom back from those who have stolen it bit by bit. We also know there are valid reasons to worry.

Will our dollar collapse with the insane spending policies of Barack Hussein Obama?

Will our children’s and grand children’s future taxes continue to be spent supporting the unions, Acorn, and the liberal agenda?

Will the madman continue his grab for power over our most personal of needs, our health care?

Will he “save” Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare by the denial of life saving medicine and procedures?

Will his “Doctor Death” advisers implement population control here in our land?

Will we stand by why our religious leaders are prosecuted for “hate speech” for their views?

Will our second amendment rights be taken in the dead of night by one of his executive orders?

Will we continue to allow union thugs and black panthers to intimidate us at the town halls and polling places?

Will we wake up one morning beholden to foreign courts, have our valiant soldiers prosecuted for war crimes after a battle with terrorists?

Will our small American farmer be legislated out of existence?

Will our industrial base be driven out of existence by regulation and cap and trade taxes?

Will we still have an energy sector in our economy or will our oil and gas companies be destroyed with regulation and taxes?

We must stop Barack Hussein Obama before he completely destroys the very fabric of this country, ensure that Congress, the Supreme Court, and the national media understands that they have awakened a sleeping giant, that patriotic Americans may have been the silent majority, but that we are silent no more. I know that times are hard, that traveling to D.C. is going to be a hardship, but we must not allow this country to take a single step backward into the socialist morass. Stand up, Oklahomans, stand up for the generations to come, stand up for yourself.

Please join us on September 10th, 11th, and 12th as we begin to take back our country.

For the latest information, visit one of these sites:

Transcript: Al Gerhart, 8/22 Rally

August 23, 2009

The following is the complete transcript of Al Gerhart’s remarks at the August 22nd Health Care Freedom Rally:

How Far Will you Go?  The National March on Washington D.C.

by Al Gerhart, President, The Carpenter Shop, Sooner Tea Party Co-Founder

Good morning Oklahoma …

Did you ever wonder about the Hollywood movie stars, why some fall apart under the stress, sometimes ruining their lives with drugs or alcohol?  It is the anxiety that eats into their guts, the real anxiety that comes from not earning what is given to you.   Lately we are anxious and troubled with the current state of our country.  We are troubled because we have not earned our freedoms, we know that what is not earned is easily taken away. It has been there in the back of our minds, unspoken, but now we are awakening.

I’m not sure exactly what it was that made me start to wake up, it could have been listening to some of our more educated customers voicing their concerns, it could have been the economy hitting bottom, or maybe it was listening to my sweet little wife yelling at the Television set.

Once I did start  pay attention, the magnitude of this mess sank in.  The national Republican leadership is not much better than the Democrats, both are spending our children’s and our grand children’s future taxes to buy elections.  Slowly I realized just how much trouble our country was in and realized that if something was to be done, it would be up to the citizens.

Well, we the people have done well this summer.  You guys packed the Tea Parties and Town Halls and put fear back into the politician’s hearts.  Now they are looking forward to September when they think they can scurry back to Washington D.C. and get away from the heat.  What do you guys think, are we done with them yet?

I thought so.

My friends, we are not done, we are going to Washington D.C.    On Wednesday, September 9th, thousands of citizens from across the United States will begin to arrive in Washington D.C.   On Thursday, we petition our congressional members, On Friday we attend training seminars to learn how to organize.  On Saturday, September 12th, we March in Protest on the Capitol, we march in protest of the madmen in Washington D.C.

Convoys of carpools are being planned all across this great land, trains, buses, and airplanes have been reserved to carry patriots to deliver a resounding message, to stop the irresponsible spending, to stop the loss of our liberties.

We Oklahomans are going to march behind an Oklahoman flag.  Sooner Tea Party members, OKC 9-12 members, even a convoy from the Tulsa Tea Party They are meeting up with another convoy from Memphis.  But, we need many, many more Oklahomans to be there for the Protest March.   Carpools of four can make it for under $120 per person if you leave early Friday morning and drive all night.  If you leave on Thursday night, and stop for a motel a few hours outside of D.C., it can be done for less than $150 per person if four people share a motel room.  Plane tickets bought in advance are less than $300 round trip and there are $75.00 motels in the D.C. area if you are the adventurous type.  There are even D.C. area residents opening up their homes for those with limited funds, bring a sleeping bag and they will put you up for a few days.

If there is enough interest and enough money is raised, we could charter buses.  Groups of 48 people could travel for under $250 per person.  Two drivers would allow driving through the night, or $280.00 would cover a Thursday departure with a Friday night stay outside the beltway.  If we don’t raise enough for a bus, we use the donated cash to sponsor proxy car pools or plane fare.

Many of you will say, I can’t afford to go or I don’t have the time.  You might say your family comes first, that times are tough, spending money going to D.C. is out of the question.   I know, I can’t really afford to go, but if I do nothing, I wonder if there will be a middle class left that can afford my work?  This massive takeover attempt of our health care system is just the start, Cap and Trade is coming, they will attempt to regulate the small farmer out of existence, and Hyper inflation will happen once the world realizes how just much money Obama is printing.

If we do not take a stand, these politicians will destroy the very fabric of our great country.  The liberal agenda and globalization has gutted our industrial base, once we were the arsenal of democracy, generations of Europeans and Asians owe their freedom to America might and the sacrifice of our selfless veterans.  Will we be able defend liberty again?  Will we even have liberty here at home?

That my fellow citizens is why we will March on Washington D.C., for the generations to come, for our own conscience.  Who among you want live out your days knowing that when your country needed you the most, you were too busy or were unwilling to spend a few hundred dollars to defend your rights?

We need to take a couple of days, shut this state down, and just go give them a piece of our mind.  Politicians say that a dozen letters is enough to make them pay attention, what are they going to do when a million U.S. taxpayers show up on their doorstep?  They spend trillions on stimulus programs, but the best possible stimulus for consumer confidence is proof that this madness is being stopped.

I am asking every one of you to get involved in this March on D.C..  If you can’t find a way to go gather ten friends or family members and help someone else make the trip.  Twenty dollars each will send someone that has the time but no money to travel.  If you own a business, sponsor one of your employees or give all of your workers a long weekend off to attend.  If you can go but lack enough funds, we will try to find a carpool and some sponsors for you.  If there is no possible way for you to go or help others to go, make a sign, find an overpass or park your car on the side of the road and cheer on the ones that are making the trip.  Drive as far as you can with the convoy, take videos and photos to send to the T.V. station. Just do something,

We are going to send buckets through the crowd to collect donations to be used to send people to Washington D.C.  Checks are fine, any amount will help, and I can promise you the money will go for that purpose only and that we will spend your hard earned money well.  If you want to donate to our group to help out with the future Tea Parties, there are donation buckets at the sign in tables for that purpose, these buckets are for the March on D.C.

For those unable to go to Washington D.C, we are considering a watch party here in Oklahoma City.  Sign up on our email list and we will send you more details on the March on Washington and the Watch Party in the coming weeks.  In the mean time, keep calling those congressional members, go to the town hall meetings and ask the hard questions.  Please Continue saying “Enough”, continue the process of taking this country back.

I want to close by sharing the best advice I ever received in my life, that if you truly want something, pay the price and seize what you want.  My countrymen, we need to pay a price for liberty, to end the anxiety in our lives.  If we do that, freedom is ours to pass down to our children.  So please join me in Washington D.C. on Saturday, September 12th.

Thank you.


To see the transcripts of other speakers, click on the following Transcripts link and see the posts that have “8/22 Rally” in their titles. The Sooner Tea Party will be posting the transcripts for all of the speakers who agreed to allow us to do so as soon as possible.

September 12, 2009 – Will you be there?

August 17, 2009