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Health Care Freedom Rally

August 22, 2009

Several hundred (my guesstimate) Oklahomans showed up on a beautiful August morning to make their voices heard in the health care debate today and to listen to our excellent panel of speakers.  Here’s a shot of part of the crowd:

August 22 Rally

Fight Back, Protect Glen Beck From The Boycott

August 17, 2009

There is a boycott of Fox News advertisers, which resulted in five companies dropping their ads from the Glen Beck show. Progressive, Geico, Proctor and Gamble,, and SC Johnson have folded to pressure from the liberals and pulled their ads. Below is a link to a patriot site that has a petition to sign and links to the companies email pages. Just copy and paste your reply after writing it once, change it up a bit to be relevant to the company.

You may have to register to view the site, something I don’t like about the site, but such is life.